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Traditional Korean Bulgogi dish.  Thinly

October 10, 2019

After cooking a large thanksgiving dinner, the thought of eating leftovers might be too much.  Freezing what remains is a great way to use what’s left for a time down the road when you just don't feel like cooking. Hot turkey sandwiches are a classic comfort food that...

October 10, 2019

Some people love leftovers and other people, well, not so much. If you ere on the side of, not so much, this recipe is for you.  Using turkey leftovers from a big holiday meal can be transformed with the addition of a couple key ingredients.  The popular tex-mex flavou...

August 28, 2019

Muffins have always been the perfect hand held, grab and go snack.  However, I have always leaned toward savoury instead of sweet so I created this delicious morsel.  Broccoli and cheese are besties and they make an awesome muffin.  The addition of a surprise cream che...

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Thai citrus salad 2.jpeg
Thai citrus salad
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